Event Photography & Videography

in Tbilisi, Georgia

We offer premier event photography and videography services in the heart of Tbilisi, Georgia! Our team is here to capture your special moments, whether it’s a wedding reception, business/corporate event, or birthday party. We focus on bringing out the emotions and highlights of your occasion, creating memories that will last forever.


Leave Your Event Photography and Videography needs with us

Looking for professional photographers or videographers for your event in Georgia? You’re in the right place; our portfolio (and Google reviews) speaks for itself! Depending on your needs, select from our event coverage packages, and we will make sure to cover your event in the most professional way.

Professional team

Our accomplished team of event photographers and videographers are dedicated to capturing your moments flawlessly. Based in Tbilisi, our international team is proficient in English, Farsi, and Russian, ensuring clear communication every step of the way.

Custom Packages

We offer customizable event photography and videography packages. Understanding the varying budgets of our clients, we offer a range of options to suit different financial considerations.

Quick Delivery Time

We understand the excitement of wanting to see your photos and videos. That’s why we commit to a quick turnaround time, delivering your content shortly after the shoot.

Top Equipment

We use the latest technology and equipment to make world-class photos and videos in stunning detail and clarity. This includes high-resolution cameras, professional lighting, and backup equipment to ensure both quality and reliability.

Event Coverage Pricing

Event Photography


Charged By the Hour

Anywhere in or around Tbilisi

Unlimited Edited Photos

Online Gallery for Easy Sharing

Includes Drone Images (If Applicable)

Hourly Fee

250 GEL

Event Videography


Charged By the Project

Anywhere In or Around Tbilisi

Professionally Edited Video

Shareable Video Link provided

Includes Drone Footage (If Applicable)

Starting From

900 GEL

Mahshid Alamshahi
Mahshid Alamshahi
I'd recommend this wedding photographer to every lovely couple that requires the best work!
Sadegh Zarei
Sadegh Zarei
- آشنایی با تیم شما واقعا باعث خوشحالی ما شد ، حتما شمارو به اطرافیانم معرفی میکنم .
Glwiz Glwiz
Glwiz Glwiz
Great service. Fast and high quality. My photos are sharp and full of creativity. I can't wait to update my LinkedIn and social media profiles. 🙂
parvin salehi
parvin salehi
How on earth could some photos resemble the very same emotions felt in that moment? But apparently your team has the ability to capture those kinds of phictures! Well done and thank you!
Morteza Hamzei
Morteza Hamzei
Thank you so much for you effort. The results were amazingly surprising that we couldn't choose between them!
lida abdolhoseini
lida abdolhoseini
Thank you very much. The photos turned out way more beautiful than we expected💕👏
ali azadi
ali azadi
هربار کارای عکاسیمون رو به تیم شما سپردیم و هربار حرفه ای تر از دفعه ی قبل بودین و ما هم راضی تر از همیشه . امیدوارم هرروز شاهد رشد و موفقیتتون باشیم .
danial azadi
danial azadi
خیلی روند عکاسی تسهیل شده بود و اصلا منتظر نموندیم، و ادیت عکس‌ها اصلا مصنوعی نبود و خیلی حرفه‌ای و طبیعی بود. با تشکر.
arezoo ramezani
arezoo ramezani
عاااالی شدن عکسامون ، مرسی که به بهترین شکل ممکن تمام لحظات مهمِ بهترین روز زندگیمون رو ثبت کردین . بی نظیرید .

Event Galleries

Car Reveal in Tbilisi

Car Reveal in Tbilisi

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Sporting Event Photography

Sporting Event Photography

We covered Padel Island's open day in Tbilisi. It was a day filled with Padel tennis excitement, and we're here to share the best moments with you. https://youtu.be/oWObiAu1iY4?si=sh8A_tdQjG4FIkZ1


Ready to transform your event into a timeless film? Based in Tbilisi, Georgia, our expert videography team specializes in capturing the real essence of your personal or corporate event.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of events do you cover in your photography and videography services?

Our studio specializes in a wide range of events, including weddings, corporate events, birthday parties, concerts, cultural festivals, and more. We tailor our services to meet the unique needs and style of each event, ensuring memorable and high-quality coverage.

How far in advance should I book your services for an event?

We recommend booking our services at least 3-6 months in advance, especially during peak seasons. However, we try to accommodate last-minute bookings based on our availability. Please contact us as soon as possible to secure your date.

Do you offer customized packages for event photography and videography?

Absolutely! We understand that every event is unique, and we offer customizable packages to suit your specific needs and budget. Whether you need full-day coverage, multiple photographers/videographers, or special editing services, we can create a package that’s perfect for you.

Can we meet to discuss our event?

Yes, we encourage meetings to discuss your event details. This allows us to understand your vision and expectations, and also gives you the opportunity to get to know our team and ask any questions you might have.

What is your policy on travel for events outside of Tbilisi?

We are available to travel for events outside of Tbilisi and can provide a custom quote that includes travel expenses. Please contact us with your event location for more details.

How long after the event will we receive our photos and videos?

Typically, our turnaround time for delivering final edited photos and videos is between 1-3 weeks after the event. We prioritize quality and ensure that each image and video segment receives our full attention in the editing process.

Do you provide raw, unedited footage along with the edited version?

Yes, we can provide raw, unedited footage upon request. Please note that this might incur an additional fee, as it involves extra data handling and storage.

Do you offer both photography and videography, or can we choose one?

We offer both photography and videography services. You have the flexibility to choose either one or both, depending on your needs. Our packages are customizable to cater to your specific requirements for the event.

How many photographers/videographers will be at the event?

The number of professionals attending your event depends on the package you select and the scale of your event. Typically, for smaller events, one photographer and one videographer suffice. For larger events, a team of professionals will be assigned to ensure comprehensive coverage.

How do you ensure the safety of the footage until delivery?

We take the safety and security of your footage very seriously. We use reliable backup systems and store the data securely until the editing process is complete and the final product is delivered to you.

Can we request a specific style or theme for our photos and videos?

Absolutely! We encourage you to share your vision and style preferences with us. Our team is skilled in various photography and videography styles and will work closely with you to match your desired theme and tone.

Are travel and accommodation costs included in your packages for destination events?

For destination events, travel and accommodation costs are additional and not typically included in our standard packages. We provide a detailed estimate of these costs during the booking process.

What if we have more questions?

Let's discuss your needs


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